Why Choose Us?


Interactive Solutions has a longer track record than most training providers. Founded by BGM Imaging, a leading North American company, our roots are enriched by superior graphic design and experience with advertising, marketing and communications. In 1994, when eLearning was in its infancy, we started providing this service to complement conventional training and pioneered much of what has become standard in the eLearning industry. We continually offer a wide variety of blended learning solutions that match our clients' business objectives.


Interactive Solutions has developed the skill set to deliver any project on time and efficiently using the most current technology available, and we've developed the relationships and partnerships that position us as an invaluable resource for our clients.


Here at Interactive Solutions we pride ourselves on our family of Instructional Designers, our Production team, our Research & Development team, Our Trainers and Consultants, and our Graphic Design team who are the real magic that makes us stand out above the rest.


Whether it is consulting, training, interactive development, dynamic content engines, mobile application development or blended solutions, Interactive Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all of your training needs.


We are continually researching the newest technologies and approaches for delivering training, expanding our family of partners worldwide to ensure that there really isn't a better solution for your training or communication needs anywhere.


The best training to ever happen to our company. You are heroes! Interactive Solutions was a true partner in making this happen. Together we accomplished something wonderful!