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Courseware Engine

Our technology is a Flash-based courseware engine that will run in a browser based environment and communicate with a Learning Management System of choice or could stand-alone. This courseware engine is supported by an XML framework that is easily editable and enables components, including page files, topic structures, lessons and interactive object sequences, to be removed, added or rearranged with ease. The Flash engine is comprised of a series of Flash-based templates that draw in the XML content with a centralized main application that holds all globalized functions, including navigation, and the menu system and takes care of all loading, status, LMS communication and progress information. The Flash template-based system also permits global control of look and feel and allows for upgrades and theme changes with minimal effort.

The elements will be housed in external XML files including: navigation, external assets, and even individual page content. These files can be edited in any text editor and require only basic HTML knowledge to update. The benefits of this system are extensive from a production standpoint, enabling the rapid development of content and the organization of assets and individual page files into reusable learning objects.

The external XML driven content also allows for ease of localization that will be described in the following section.

Courseware Diagram


Interactive Solutions has successfully developed a Mobile Learning (mLearning), dynamic courseware engine built in J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition). The application itself is a shell comprised of pre-built templates and a menu system that reaches out to a web server at run-time and populates itself with XML based content and images. This content is linked to a content management system for ease of update. When a user starts a course, the course engine reaches out to the specific course directory and retrieves the course structure XML file. This file is a list of every page in the course, what type of page it is (which will determine which page template the engine will use to display the content), and the URL to the content XML file for each page. The course engine then uses this information to build the dynamic menu system and navigation. When the user selects a page from the course, the engine determines the page type from the XML file, loads the appropriate display template then retrieves the content from the URL specified in the XML data.

Mobile Learning


SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is a valuable software model that enables "learning objects" called Shareable Content Objects, (SCOs) to be shared across systems that conform to the same model.

Developing your learning content into SCOs provides a number of "value-added" features:

By leveraging the capabilities made possible by SCORM, Interactive Solutions can create an online learning experience to meet the needs of your organization through LMS Integration and LMS Customization.

LMS Integration

Interactive Solutions has many years of experience integrating our courseware with any enterprise Learning Management System, via SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and AICC. However, if your organization has not yet obtained an LMS, we can provide a custom LMS solution.

Customized LMS

Interactive Solutions has its own SCORM conformant LMS which enables our clients to have their own fully customized learning portal. We can completely customize all aspects of the LMS, from creating a portal design that meets your branding guidelines, to customizing administrative reports to track all the portal activities.