Increase Competitive Advantage by Investing in Employee Development

02 is a leading mobile phone operator in the UK, with more than 17 million customers, as well as customers in Germany and Ireland.  Spain's Telefónica acquired control of O2 in 2006.  02 need assistance in communicating to their young, progressive staff the topics of Talent Management.  It was very important for their company to communicate these topics effectively as they are growing and changing on a daily basis.  02 realized that their employees are their best asset for growing the business.   Interactive Solutions worked with 02 to create several unique programs on Performance Management and Leadership Capabilities.  Performance Management topics included:  What is Performance Management?  How do you drive performance?  How do you build capability?  How do you measure results?  Leadership Capabilities topics included:  Our Leadership Capabilities, How do they fit?  How can they help?  Identifying 02’s Capabilities.  The programs have been a success, and 02 continues to grow and evolve in the highly- competitive market space as well as reduce turnover rates.  02 has recently been named Network of the Decade by the Mobile Data Association.

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