Solutions Spotlight

Increase Sales by Offering Training Through a Vendor Partner University

Is it a marketing strategy or a custom training solution? It is both! A Virtual University provides the exceptional reach and convenience of distance education for the channel partner. Enhancing the skill set of university applicants results in, increases in competency and productivity for the applicant, and increased product sales for the vendor sponsor.

Increase Retention Rates and Productivity of New Hires by Developing an Onboarding Program

An onboarding program can markedly increase employee retention, satisfaction and productivity by providing immediate and consistent training within the first week of hire. Onboarding ensures that the new employee successfully transitions to their new work environment, and feels valued and positive about the career step they have just taken. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of new employees within the first week of hire and continuing for 30, 60 and 90 days thereafter is key.

Increase Competitive Advantage by Investing in Employee Development

Service based companies know that their employees are their biggest investment and greatest asset. Companies wishing to increase market penetration and profit margins, and reduce turnover rates realize they must fully develop their employees' skills. Providing employees with career development options, paths and feedback is especially important for young, fast growing organizations. Creating corporate standards in training is extremely important, as is conveying a consistent message with respect to corporate culture and values.